5 Signs that Suggests it’s Time to Redesign your Product Packaging


Packaging companies are often asked what’s the ideal time to embark on a packaging redesign journey. The answer to this question varies from business to business, but one thing is for certain you should at least get in touch with a professional packaging company to update your packaging. Here we have highlighted a few signs that’ll fit your situation when it comes to testing your existing packaging design.

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When Your Product Packaging Looks Outdated

This is one of the most common things that many businesses fail to notice. It happens when you become ‘design blind’ to your own product packaging as you get to see it daily. Over a certain period, nearly all packages become outdated. It doesn’t matter whether you notice that or not, your target customers will certainly do. When your packaging reflects the 2000’s, 2010’s or even 2015’s, this means it has fallen out of favor and you should redesign your packages without further ado. Of course, retro packaging design works for some marketplaces, but it is always done considerately and deliberately.

Doesn’t Give a Clue About Your Product

If your product has changed a lot over time, it’s time to bid farewell to your beloved packaging solution and embrace a novel and innovative design. This holds true for companies that are founded decades ago. A packaging solution that’s in line with the latest trends can help drive your sales and revenue. Persisting with old packaging means you haven’t used natural colors. Rather, you are sticking with artificial hues that don’t resonate with today’s customers. This gives the impression as if your brand is looking to deceive customers. So instead of gaining, you end up losing buyers. Redesigning, however, can elevate your standing in the market. Visit this website https://dailyheralds.org/ to discover the most recent trends product packaging industry.

When your Corporate Branding Changes

Your corporate branding has completely changed, but you are still using that old product packaging. When companies rebrand without updating their packaging, they often leave their customers in a state of confusion and disbelief. So when you rebrand your business, make sure you re-brand everything. Otherwise, your customers won’t be too happy with the change.

When Packaging Costs Seems to be Eating into your Profits

Take a closer look at your packaging process. See if the packaging cost is eroding your profits more and more? Perhaps it’s the design of your packaging that has increased the cost. Sometimes, redesigning your packaging in this scenario helps you cut down your overall packaging cost. For example, when launching your soap you opted for an extravagant custom soap packaging, but soon you released it, proving to be a wasteful expenditure. In contrast, if you have opted for sustainable custom soap box packaging not only it would have lowered your packaging costs, but it would’ve also brought your new customers, who are conscious about the environment. This shows talking to a packaging expert or firm can make a world of a difference because they know how to cut expenses without cutting corners.

When You are Looking to Tap into a New Market

Are you gearing up to reach a new audience by tapping into a new market like different age groups or buyers residing in other countries? If so, then your package design should also reach new customers. Think about the difference between a packaging that is designed for adults and the one for young kids. Consider what matters the most to each group? Analyze which kind of packaging will resonate with your target customers? All of this should be a part of your in-depth market research because it will help you design packaging that will excite your customers. Consulting a professional packaging company such as The Legacy Printing will not only allow you to uncover new ways to spruce up the packing but also get to comprehend what to consider when tapping into a new market.

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