Content Writers In Bangalore – An Upsurge In Content Writing


Creating content for websites and online search engines is termed as content writing. It is the most sought after career option in India. There is a constant need for developing the content of websites. Hence content writing services are the need of the day in order to sustain in this ever inquisitive virtual reality.

Whether it is to promote products, promote a portfolio of companies, their services, etc., freelance content writers are hired for writing web based content for them. Freelance writing jobs are lucrative and provide flexibility to the content provider.Content writing services in India are better than most of the other countries because of the proficiency in English of the freelance content writers. Freelance writing jobs are available on and targets students who want to make quick bucks, homemakers striving for financial independence without leaving their kids behind and retired persons who desire to continue doing something. Writing jobs online does not require exceptional English knowledge. However, a flair for writing is an important criteria for freelance content writing.

Due to the increasing demand for content writers in Bangalore, some colleges in Bangalore have started offering content writing courses viz., TWB Institute Bangalore,  Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore and Asian College of Journalism, Bangalore. However, as of now these colleges do not offer full-time content writing courses. They provide training in content writing as a part of their curriculum of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Content writing in India is a lucrative job and it would not be long before colleges would start including full-time courses on content writing, blog writing, copywriting, etc. A content writer who is a fresher can expect an income of Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000, whereas experienced content writers can expect an income of more than Rs. 30000.

Online writing jobs offer flexibility of time and are not stringent about a strict timing of a 9 to 5 corporate job. Freelance writing jobs include Article writing, blog writing, copywriting, proof reading and editing, writing reviews of products and services, academic content writing, etc. Such content marketplace is unorganized and requires streamlining and proper arrangement for better and efficient functioning of content writing services. provides a common marketplace for the buyers and content providers. provides a platform for the interaction of the Buyers of content writing services and web content writers. allows free interaction of buyers and content providers, placing of orders, bidding for orders, assignment of work, completion and submission of content, and payment for the work done – all of which is done in a transparent and trustworthy environment. Content writers in Bangalore can work for buyers from any part of the world, if they are registered in

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