Tiktak Assures US Senators Of Protection Of Consumer Data


Tik Tak, a Chinese social media platform, wrote to US senators to let them know that the Biden administration and a final agreement were nearing agreement.

The arrangement will, according to the foreign news outlet, protect US TikTak users and US national security regulations.

In a letter to senators yesterday, the chief executive of Tik Tak stated that his app was collaborating with Oracle on cutting-edge data protection solutions.

Information about US users had reportedly been transferred to Oracle’s servers last month, according to Tik Tak.

According to Tik Tak, only through stringent cyber security safeguards can its workers access data about US customers.

Employees of Tik Tak will also require authorization to access data under a method created by a US cybersecurity team.

Tik Tak will remove user data from its systems once it transitions to Oracle Cloud Servers in the US, the company has promised lawmakers.

The letter was sent two years after the US National Security Panel urged Bite Dance to stop its purge.

In reaction to the risk that Chinese data would end up in the hands of the Chinese government, US officials issued the instruction.

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