Revealing the Truth Behind LED Headlights


The LED headlights are an innovative technology and it is now available in the market. People are now looking forward to purchase these LED headlights as it provides excellent illumination and save the gas and electric bills. You can also do it, just go to deal.

These days, the demand for these LED headlights is increasing and people are looking forward to buy this innovation because it saves the gas and electricity. These LED headlights are safe to use and it has no negative effect on your eyesight. It is also a cost-effective innovation which is why they are so popular. The best thing about LED headlight is that it uses less power than other lighting systems and it also emits light with the maximum intensity. So, it is the right solution to reduce traffic accidents.

If you want to make sure that your car is equipped with the best headlight system then you should consider buying these LED headlight. If you are confused about these LED headlights then it is the right time to go for the experts who are offering these headlights and you will get the best value for money.

Features to look at LED Headlight

Here are some of the features that you need to look at before purchasing these lights.

1. Energy efficiency

The most important feature of this innovation is that it uses less energy. You don’t need to worry about the power consumption and it will work with any kind of voltage. It is easy to install and you will get the same output as the old style headlights.

2. Long service life

LED headlight lasts for many years. You will not need to replace the headlight after the battery gets drained. They provide the best quality service and you will get the same output for years. LED bulbs last for several years, whereas the incandescent bulbs are replaced after a year.

3. High performance

LED headlights offer high performance. You don’t need to worry about the light beams and it will work in every weather condition. It is the best solution for your headlights and you will not need to change the headlight bulbs every month.

4. Light quality

LED headlights emit bright light and you will be able to see the road even when it is raining. The bulbs will have a better light distribution and you will be able to see the road clearly.

How do LED lights work?

There are two different ways to control the output of LED lights. One is to directly connect the LED to a driver. The other is to use a transistor to transform the voltage of the battery into the current required by the LED.

LED Headlights Types

There are two basic types of LED headlight devices: constant current and constant voltage. I will only discuss the second option because it is much easier to control the current. Constant current headlight devices use transistors to limit the current, which in turn controls the amount of light.

The advantage of a constant current device is that it is very safe. The circuit automatically detects the batteries voltage and limits the current accordingly. You don’t have to worry about it overheating. However, you will need a separate resistor to help limit the current.

Constant voltage devices do not use a transistor. Instead, the current is always set.

The downside of this is that the current cannot be controlled.

If the battery voltage drops too low, the LEDs will not get enough current to work properly.

Another type of LED headlight device is the pulse width modulation (PWM).

They use a transistor to transform the voltage into a series of pulses, which are then transmitted to the LED. When the current is high, the LEDs will receive a greater amount of power. When the current is low, the LEDs will be off.


There are many benefits of these LED headlights and you can get the best value for money if you look at the list of features. These headlights are suitable for all types of cars and it will save you from paying huge amount of money.

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