A Look at Various Types of Window Blinds and Specialties of Each


Window blinds are ideal window shields to meet the purpose of offering privacy, heat perseverance, sunlight control, and also to enhance the beauty of your home interiors. Unlike conventional window curtains, blinds are made up of flat strips or fabric, wood, and metal. Blinds will block the view and that is why called as blind. Window blinds also play a vital role in reducing heat from sunlight and also blocks mist and rain etc. There are manually operated windows blinds as well as remote control blinds now.

Blind categories

There are various types of blinds available now and further we will see the major categories.

  • Solid blinds

Solid blinds are flat shades, which can only be raised and lowered. These are the most basic types of blinds that are used for many decades now.

  • Slat blinds

Slat blinds are the most common variety of blinds now. Slat blinds are made of vinyl or metal slats arranged horizontally connected by a string. These slats can rotate and allow light to pass through it. Slats can rotate up to 170 degrees to block light or open.

The slats can also be pulled up fully to uncover the windows. There are slat blinds, which can be used in horizontal direction too. The common type of vertical blinds has slats of fabric, plastic and metal.

  • Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are another common type of blinds featuring slats arranged one above the other. They usually hang with cloth strips or over strings, which can be picked up to 180 degrees. There are three settings of Venetian blinds as;

  • Overlapping model with one side facing inward
  • Overlapping with the other side facing inward
  • Without overlapping and all slats facing inward

In Venetian blinds, there are holes in all slats to pass a lift cord from each slat. These lift cords are pulled up to open the blind. The blinds move up with slats getting stacked one on one. Venetian blinds are usually made of plastic or mental. The slat width usually ranges from 16 to 120 mm and the standard width is about 50 mm.

  • Automobile blinds

Blinds are also used in cars to offer sun shields. Car blinds are smaller and very easy to operate. The blind is attached to the brackets or the window frames. It can also be attached to the front glass. Static clings and suction cups are used usually to attach the blinds to the front and back glass. To get more information related to window blinds, you can proceed to casain decor.

Apart from these common types of blinds, there are many other varieties of blinds also there. One common variety is mini blinds, which is a customized configuration of Venetian blinds with slats of approximately 25-mm width.

Blinds are made of various materials now and there are different types and designs available. Fabric materials are commonly used in Roller blinds, Roman blinds, and Austrian blinds. Wooden slats are common in Venetian and Pinoleum blinds. There are many other synthetic materials resembling wood, metal, or plastic are used for blind manufacturing. Professional help is required for the installation of such types of blinds. To know about them visit the site https://freebook1.com/ right now!

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