A Quick Guide to Choosing a New Bathroom Suite


Bathrooms are essential rooms to a home, as we all know. They have to work well, and if we want our home to reach maximum potential value, they have to look good as well. It can be easy to overlook our kitchens and bathrooms, and as a result of this, we end up just ignoring our issues and making do with what we’ve got.

A badly maintained bathroom can lower the value of a house rather a large amount, check out HouseSimple’s article here for more information on how your bathroom will affect house value.


Ultimately we let our wallets do a lot of the talking when it comes to making investments. We don’t ever want to break the bank, and because of this, we shy away from ever even considering long term investments. But it isn’t all doom and gloom! There are ways to cut down on potential costs, and there are brilliant ways to ensure that you cover your finances properly while renovating your bathroom to a quality standard.

One of the top tips is to allocate an extra 10% for your budget in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Of course, a big factor that affects the contents of the bathroom, and how it functions, will be the layout of the room. It’s definitely always worth measuring the dimensions of the space available, checking the regulations for the available space, and allocating space for necessary things such as a ventilator fan, if one is not already installed.

There are many fitting options that can conserve space, which will assure a better layout. Things such as keeping your bath flush to the wall, toilets that sit closer to the wall, and sink units that utilise corner space efficiently.


Generally, when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, they have a set style, as ranges are brought out. There are opportunities to match the range, but often people pick and choose whichever unit fits them best. However, sometimes the styles don’t match up very well, and lead the design to look sub-par. It’s always worth consulting a professional when it comes to getting your bathroom fitted, which means any design issues can be resolved in the early stages. Aston Designs in Milton Keynes, professional bathroom and kitchen designers/fitters, gave the advice of “However large or small your bathroom is, it’s definitely worth getting a professional consultation, you can truly unlock the full potential of the space you have, and get yourself a dream bathroom.” If you have short of ideas about selecting a bathroom suite, then look at this website https://newstable.org/ for useful information.


The biggest practical point for choosing your new suite would be the requirements and needs of the family. There would be no use investing in a freestanding bath if there are small children or anybody with access issues, yet deciding against an ease-of-access bath if there are those who need it can also be an issue.

Some requirements are less vital, such as wanting a certain way of stopping shower water, perhaps. There are many ways of doing so, some involve a “wet-room” style bathroom, using shower curtains, or shower screens.

There are many potential requirements, just make sure to notify your fitter/designer to these!

Check out this article by Home Advice Guide to get a better idea of bathroom regulations that you should always have in mind.

Fittings & Fixtures

Pivotal to how the whole bathroom works, the fixtures are what makes it personal. Depending on your choice in fixture, it all has a different style and theme. There are many types of fixtures depending on preference, high level cisterns on toilets, clawfoot baths, even different types of taps! The overall design all hinges on the fixtures and fittings used, and they all make it unique to you.

Often a good design tip is to create contrast between the themes within the rest of your house. More modern households may opt for a traditional style bathroom for a more sophisticated look, whilst traditionally themed houses may use more a modern bathroom design to make a statement.

What styles and themes have you included in your bathroom? Do you think a modern theme would work well with your house?

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