High Demand of Penetration Testers in The IT Industry


With CEH course in Dubai, experienced penetration testers subject your IT systems or networks to a comprehensive review. To determine how vulnerable your IT systems are, they use the methods and tools of criminal hackers. Targeted hacking determines how sensitive your IT systems are. The primary goal of penetration testing is to uncover weaknesses so that they can be closed afterwards.

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Important requirements for pentesters / security analysts

  • Enthusiasm for technology and a very good understanding of technology
  • Pronounced curiosity
  • A certain play instinct
  • Pronounced analytic intelligence
  • Constant and self-motivated further training
  • Good programming skills
  • Very good skills in network technology
  • Good knowledge of widely used software products and operating systems (e.g. MS Windows)
  • Experience in detecting security gaps (very common)

The aim of the penetration testing is the identification and subsequent correction of security gaps at the customer. Failure is inevitable with no real interest in the matter. Since the market for good and honest pesters is almost empty, talented and well-trained applicants have the best job prospects. This is also clearly noticeable in the salaries. Consulting companies in particular are looking for motivated and talented employees and then also pay decent salaries. However, the demands on the profession should not be underestimated.

Advantage of Penetration Testers

In contrast to automated checks, IT infrastructures are analyzed during the penetration test from the perspective of a human attacker. A big advantage: penetration testers know the attack methods and use their knowledge to find out how existing security measures can be circumvented. The results of the penetration testing are recorded and described in detail in a final report. The report also contains short and long-term recommendations for measures to remedy any security gaps found.

CEH Certification in the Middle East has put the IT systems of companies and authorities through their paces and supports them in establishing comprehensive cyber security strategies. To learn more about the tools used in penetration testing visit this website: https://bbcnewspoint.com/

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